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Cincinnati Ninja Team

USA Ninja Challenge gyms compete in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association.  We have the opportunity to compete the state of Ohio as well as across the US for higher level championships.

Local competitions start in October and culminate at the Regional Championships in May and Nationals in  July.  In the future, as the sport grows, competitions will take place year round during the school year.
While Ninja is an individual sport, there are many benefits to becoming a team member.  Ninja team members will experience training that goes far above regular ninja classes.  They will be taught time-saving obstacle techniques, undergo upper body, core and grip strength conditioning and learn the concepts of teamwork, respect and sportsmanship associated with team sports.
Qualifications to Join the Ninja Team:
   1.     Be at least 6 years old
   2.     Complete Ninja Level 1 (yellow)
   3.     Be available to attend team workouts twice per week for one and ½ hours
   4.     Attend a minimum of 5 weeks during the summer session (July – August)
   5.     Commit to attending (and traveling to) 4 to 6 Ninja competitions per year
   6.     Commit to attending Regional and National competitions, if qualified
   7.     Keep tuition current
Team is a year-round commitment.   Participation should be based on a family decision.  Your child will be expected to attend all competitions to contribute to the team effort.
Participation on team is by invitation only.  If your child is interested in competition, a trial week can be arranged for your ninja, followed by a meeting to discuss his/her possible acceptance to the competitive team.

Our gyms compete within the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association, the official Global League of World OCR for Ninja Competitions. UNAA promotes and organizes an international series of obstacle course competitions at Ninja gyms around the world.

Check the UNAA site for competition information!